WEI accountABILITY Toolkit Launches March 13, 2018


The cover of the accountABILITY toolkit. Cover image depicts three women in silhouette—one using a forearm crutch, one using a wheelchair, and one without any mobility aids—approaching a United Nations building in Geneva through a corridor of flags from countries around the world.In the 21st century, women across the globe continue to experience gender-based discrimination that impedes the full realization of their human rights. Women are continually denied access to basic healthcare, housing, education, work and social security.

Women and girls with disabilities in particular encounter multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination on the basis of both gender and ability, including high rates of violence, lack of access to justice, and denial of sexual and reproductive health information and services.

International human rights law calls on governments to dismantle legal, structural, social, economic, and other barriers that women face in achieving equality and realizing their human rights. Human rights advocacy can be an effective tool for holding governments to account for their obligations under international human rights law and pushing for effective implementation of human rights and gender equality.

Women Enabled International’s soon-to-be-released toolkit seeks to empower women with disabilities and organizations, working on their behalf to make use of available U.N. human rights mechanisms to ensure that the human rights violations women with disabilities experience receive redress and to make sure that statements, recommendations, observations, and guidance from the U.N. incorporate an intersectional gender and disability rights perspective.

Increased attention to and guidance on how international human rights standards apply to the specific human rights issues facing women and girls with disabilities will help advance the rights of women and girls with disabilities worldwide.

A flyer is available with more information on the accountABILITY toolkit

Click here to view PDF flyer | Click here to view Word docx flyer


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